Headlight Restore Ph

Perfect solution for foggy & oxidized headlights: drive safely, save time and money.

1 x Car Headlight Restoration Starter Kit

₱ 550

The Perfect Headlights Restore Kit 2 Sets

₱ 1,050

3 x Triple Headlights Lens Restoration Kit

₱ 1,500

Watch How Easy to Use Our Wipes

With Headlight Restore Wipes, headlight restoration can be carried out in just 2 minutes with only 3 easy steps – clean, dry and protect!

Step 1: Open the first packet No 1. Unfold the cleaning wipe and clean the headlight thoroughly using the wipe provided.

Step 2: Dry the headlight with a paper towel. The headlight will look slightly matte after wiping.

Step 3: Open packet No 2. Do not unfold the wipe. Thoroughly wipe both headlights with the wipe provided. The headlights are now good as new!

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